Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is an article received from another SF member. If anybody else wished to submit an article please just send it to me as a comment and I will see if I can post it.


The invisible men have been working away in the middle of the night, people of Ireland – there have been reported sightings of gremlins patrolling the country diligently swinging out of poles. And what are these gremlins doing you rightly ask – are they looking out for drug dealers, muggers or even drunk drivers or maybe waiting for visiting aliens?


They are tearing down Sinn Fein election posters!!

Now we know people feel afraid of losing their seats in the elections, but are they so scared that they remove posters and maybe people will think that Sinn Fein are not running any candidates in local and European elections? Are they so afraid that people, angry people, will vote for Sinn Fein, to bring real change to the current government?

Now these gremlins (chose whatever name you feel is appropriate) are being very clever. Not only are they taking down election posters – which is a criminal offence by the way – but they are taking them home with them! Sweet isn’t it? Perhaps it’s because they realise that Sinn Fein is the way to vote and they want to gaze adoringly at the faces of genuine politicians, who have the interests of the people at heart and are not driven by greed. Or maybe they are just being plain devious as by taking away the posters, our dedicated candidates, campaigners and canvassers cannot put them back up again.

But what’s even stranger, is that posters from other parties appear in their place! Is it magic or the work of a witch doctor form Haiti? One wonders who their great leader is to instruct them to act this way.

This does not appear to be a smear campaign, as nobody is saying anything (nothing at all actually, because nobody did it of course) or is it the smell of defeat by other parties that is driving this ridiculous, pathetic grasp at holding their seats.

People are not offended by Sinn Fein posters.

They are offended that their jobs have been lost, their pensions have been wiped out –oops sorry, the enormous pensions of the financial big wigs are still there in full. They are offended that bankers can swindle the country out of millions and don’t get sacked – instead they receive a reward of a hefty bonus along with the pension too of course.

People want a change in government, so changing the poster on a pole won’t diminish their anger or determination to ensure this happens.

Oh, and by the way lads, CCTV is a marvellous thing…

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  1. Thaks for submitting the article. If people are doing this, then they are afraid, which is good news.

    We have the policies and we have the drive so just ignore their pathetic little games and carry on.

    How is the campaign going in your area.