Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thomas Cook workers arrested - Fight back now!

Today at 5 am the Gardaí smashed the doors at Thomas Cook in Grafton Street and arrested over twenty workers who were occupying the building in protest at the planned immediate closure of the shop and the terms of the redundancy package being offered.

This is a massive move by this state and clearly an attack on working people who dare to fight back against their unfair treatment. Clearly the authorities have seen the massive support given to the Waterford Crystal workers and also the Visteon workers, and have decided to stop this protest now before the people of Dublin have an opportunity to show their support.

I have today contacted the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and I was told they were organising no protest at the court because they were negotiating to stop it going that far. It seems the idea of doing both of these things does not enter their heads.

I have also tried to contact the TSASA, who represent the staff, but their Dublin number keeps ringing out. I then rang their helpling number, based across the water, and they had not even heard their members had been arrested!

So where does that leave us? It leaves us in a position where we have to get to the Four Courts at 2 PM today and show that we support fellow working people who fight for their rights, dignity and demand to be treated fairly. We cannot let this open attack on working people go unanswered, because if we do then things will only get worse. Any worker who dares to say "No, you won't treat me like that" and decides to fight their corner will be open to similar treatment.

For me the government, judiciary, Gardaí and employers are sending out a message. That message is we can shut you down, throw you out of a job whenever we want ,refuse to negotiate with you and you better not try to resist us in any meaningful way.

Well at 2 pm today we shall see if that approach will be accepted by the people of Dublin. So get off your arse, switch off your PC and get to the Four Courts


  1. Well done balbriggan,

    Sinn Féin had an excellent turnout and we were very loud and visible. Glad to see Larry O'Toole, Dessie Ellis, O Snaidaigh and others in attendance.

    Good piece on your site about it and good pictures. great stuff.


  2. well done to you all.


  3. keep up the good work lads. :)

  4. fair play to the workers what they did was brave, amazing women and men and the families as well, a plesure to meet them. but on a parocial note was impressed with DSF. great tye in, engergy and a bit of mischief. this is what we used to do best and we came back to it like a duck to water, this is where we always belonged.

  5. What do people think of Mannix Flynn's comments about Richard Boyd Barrett and the Publicity before People Alliance's attempts to "air brush themselves all over the issue". I would be interested in hearing what people think of his arrest al a Joe and the bin tax.

    Certainly Flynn leave no body in doubt what he thought on the Lunch Time with Eamon Keane.