Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Greens - First yellow and now blue.

Some fairly despicable comments were passed in leinster house recently. But enough about the budget. At least we had the Greens -an Comhaontas Glas, the supposedly ethical heart, if any remains, of this govt.

Well I am not so sure about ethical considering their masterful performance over the last year. Seems like these days the Greeens are following the PDs into the same nasty, unethical politics.

Deputy Gogarty, with his nice big salary feels your pain and knows what its like. As the man explained:

"It is hard for me to gratuitously insult many of my constituents who are public sector employees and tell them: “Listen, lads. It is necessary. I feel your pain but it is necessary”.

"It would be highly disingenuous of me and totally insincere, therefore, to say anything other than that this is a grossly unfair section and that the Bill is grossly unfair."
"I am not proud of what has happened, I am not proud of the fact the banks had to be bailed out, of the corruption and worship of mammon in this country that has brought us to this sorry state, I am not proud of that, colleagues"

And then after some more raiméis we had that moment:

Deputy Gogarty, I look forward to the day when your constituents tell you in the most unparliamentary language to Fu*K off, with all due respect, Fu#k off.

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  1. What on earth have the Greens got out of this co alition? Surely completely discredited with the working class? Does this mean the Greens were always the ethical heart of Fine Gael? What next a Green, Fine Gael and Labour alliance? Will Labour move to become the centre of a real left opposition in the Dail or will the real decisions be made on the streets or the picket lines?

    The savage attack on the poorest in the Free State led by the Soldiers of Destiny is no doubt being observed by the Westminster politicians. The reception these attacks and cuts receive in the IFS will be monitored by the Tories. Let them see the Irish working class can bring a government down. This surely must be the winter of discontent for the FF and Green Tory coalition! The Blueshirts should also learn Labour and the Unions are not with them. Or are they?

    But who will lead? The attempts at building a real left opposition are laudable. Great leaders abound and are all capable of playing their part. Yet the Irish Left is still fragmented lost in the world of the sects and the SU inspired split of Stalinists and Trotskyites.

    What is SF doing to overcome this? What is the SF programme in this time of crisis? If we are Left then our position on left unity should be clear. Alternatively we obviously react and become a more radical version of Labour. Until the soldiers of destiny call, is this what we are about? I hope I'm wrong.

    Mr Cameron a lesson for Brit watchers, watch Ireland!