Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dead loss unveils the dead useless

Looking through the list of the new FG front bench its like a bad slasher movie. Zombie like the have runs, the never weres and the never coulds have all reappeared with a vengeance

The first thing I saw about the new Fine Gael line up was Enda Kenny is going to be the spokesman for the six counties. Owen Patterson will be pleased. He'll look competent in comparison but maybe just maybe Enda is getting clued in...finally.

Look at that bald, scary thing lumbering in from left of stage. Politically dead and buried Michael ah yeah Noonan has resurrected himself into the Finance position.
Over in Foreign affairs we have Sean Barrett - a man who retired from politics in 2002 before deciding he wanted to change his mind in 2006. At thirty years in the Dail he'll bring an unheard of freshness to the new line up. Still tríocha blian ag fás seems to be a fine gael thing. Look at Enda.

Many of the new appointees have kept a low profile for years managing to escape public attention only to pop up like mushrooms when a bit of Fine Gael fertiliser was spread around. David Stanton a TD since 97 is hardly a big hitter, nor Andrew Doyle who comes from nowhere to become Agri. minister. Sure why not sure Enda cant trust half his party.

But what about Brian Hayes. He is no longer on the bench..
We'll miss you Brian.

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  1. Kenny and Fine Gael know that Labour is there enemy.

    A large labour party prevents a larger Fine Gael and reduces the spoils of Govt.

    How to solve this problem for Fine Gael.

    Well a larger Sinn Fein will be one route. More SF Tds might mean less Labour TDs

    If that helps Sinn Fein then fine by me. It may not mean SF will be in the next govt. and we wont be there best firends.

    But it shows the dynamics can shift and SF can become part of the discourse of power after the next election. Thats not a bad thing.

    Who cares if its Fine Gael being nice for all the wrong reasons. Building strength is building strength. So if the blues are going to cut the shite even temporarily then good.

    I'd rather see 11 or 12 Sinn Feiners in Leinster house than Labour blow ins and if that means FG make dove eyes then fine. Lets reap the benefit and then make there lives hell in the next dail.