Monday, January 11, 2010

Defection of Cllr. Forde to Labour Party a betrayal of Sinn Féin voters and members

Below is a statement issued from Mícheál Mac Donncha, Chairperson of Sinn Féin in the Donaghmede Ward, and a member of the party's Ard Chomhairle. I would say it sums up the feelings of many activists and party supporters in the Donaghmede area who have given so much time to getting Killian elected.


Sinn Féin has described the defection of Killian Forde to the Labour Party, taking with him a Sinn Féin Dublin City Council seat in Donaghmede, as a betrayal of Sinn Féin voters and members. It is understood that the defection will be announced tomorrow (Monday) in advance of the monthly meeting of Dublin City Council.

Mícheál Mac Donncha, Chairperson of Sinn Féin in the Donaghmede Ward, and a member of the party's Ard Chomhairle, said:

"Killian Forde was elected last June as a Sinn Féin Councillor, on a Sinn Féin policy platform, with the support of Sinn Féin activists in the local election constituency of Donaghmede. His candidature benefited from the support of the party locally and nationally. He stood before the people as a Sinn Féin candidate and received his mandate on that basis.

“While he, like anyone, is quite entitled to leave the party if he feels it is no longer the place for him, he has no right to take with him the City Council seat he won as a Sinn Féin candidate. His retention of this seat and defection with it to the Labour Party is a betrayal of Sinn Féin voters and members in the Donaghmede constituency, including activists who worked hard over eight years and two local government elections to elect and re-elect him.

"Killian Forde was elected as chairperson of the Council Finance Committee on the basis of his membership of the Sinn Féin group. It is clear now that Killian Forde's support for a Labour Party-sponsored City Council budget that imposes new charges on low income households in this City was a prelude to his defection to that party.

"Sinn Féin will continue to stand side by side with low income families in this City who have been hit by draconian budgets imposed by central and local government. Already Sinn Féin in the Donaghmede ward and in the Dublin North East constituency is moving on from this and we held a special meeting on Saturday to plan the way forward, developing the party and continuing to give principled and effective representation to people in this area and across Dublin."


  1. Ó Dhomhnach Míde go Domhnach Broc ?

    Whilst the decision of ex-SF Cllr. Killian Forde may be regarded as a media PR hiccup for SF, it is primarily a betrayal of the 40,000 low income families, who will have new increased bin levies imposed on them. Surely, its time for him to do the honourable thing and give the electorate of Donaghmede what they deserve – a SF rep. prepared to defend their interests, especially during these harsh economic times. Now is the time to put people before political careers.

  2. Not a surprise. From the first time I met Killian years ago he struck me a naked self-promoter and careerist. Not surprised he's chosen to tie his political fortunes to a party he presumably hopes will form a government after the next election.

    As a personality, it's no great loss to the party. But it's shameful for him to thieve SF's seat. Then again, I suppose that's what a naked self-promoter would be expected to do.

  3. let's see if you are so brazen in regard to posting this comment:

    i have no love for killian forde, i think he is dishonourable in taking his seat to another party - however i will not allow you to blacken him further using outright LIES!

    i'll explain; i was the one that posted the comment about dirty laundry and i am from the northern part of our fair island (as the IP address on this post and that laundry post will show), so YOU COMPLETELY MADE UP THAT IT WAS SIGNED BY KILLIAN FORDE!

    a sad act by a fantasist, trying to make a story juicier. i didn't know who you were when i wrote the initial comment, i do now however and i still content it would fit you better getting more involved in actual party work instead of acting important and talking shite online.

    go on post this, if your against censorship!

    This might not have been a big lie but it was a lie none the less and lying surely is one of the scummiest qualities a republican can ever have.

    good day to you sir.

  4. Anon

    With regard to my calim that Killian wrote the Dirty linen in public piece. i adnit now I may have been mistaken.

    I genuinely believed the the comment about dirty washing in public was from him, but as the article was originally a comment I cannot acess it anymore.

    As i outlined the dates etc led me at the time to believe it was from him (and i thought his name was there, but i cannot go back and check it and i cannot now be 100% certian). Given this lack of certainty I accept I should not have made the calim.

    I have contacted Killian on this and asked him what he would like me to do about it.

  5. three questions:

    His appointment as chair of the Finance Committee

    (1) Why was Forde appointed to the chair of the financial committee? Surely that forced him into such an untenable position? How could he reject a budget he oversaw? Surely if he was supposed to reject it at the end then he should never have been put onto it in the first place.

    Personality Politics
    (2) Is the growth of the party best served by targetting people who left with personality based attacks. I am uncomfortable with comments about Forde being ego-centric etc. Challenge him but not on his personality or as a person.

    The waiver

    Is the waiver under the control of the councillors or of the city manager.

  6. One problem with the argument here is that SF never made the same case against Billy Leonard who defected to the party from the SDLP in the North.

  7. you were big enough to own up to it, so fair play

  8. Anon. at 6.30 has it in one. I think the man would have been a fool to limit himself. There was a wonderfully accurate article in the Sunday Times. If the party are not willing to take responsibility, it might as well forget about organising in the south.

    As another persona non-grata said:

    "Somebody in head office needs to cop on and realise that you can’t go looking for all the gravy and never dish it out,” he said. “We will never get anywhere if we vote against everything all the time. The Sinn Fein councillors who voted against the Dublin city council estimates thought they were voting against bin charges, but they were also voting against money for playgrounds and swimming pools and community development. I left because I wanted to be a player, to start having a real influence. Sinn Fein has to get real. If they want to see results, they have to start co-operating with other groups"

    The only people that the party in Dublin can be assured of having a good craic at a Dail seat are Larry and Dessie, who have a very strong personal vote.

    The republican movement has always been very astute. It is an absolute shambles in Dublin.