Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Googling The Republic - A map of republican blogs

The strong point of the internet is its collaborative aspect - heaps of people who dont know each other all contributing a small bit and making a big contribution colectively. Google uses ordinary people to correct details in its google maps, add names etc which provides a level of detail at a speed of development thats not matched by others. They use it to map areas in India etc with incredible detail based on local knowledge.

So I though why not map the republican blog community on to Google maps.

The idea is to list each Republican blogger, SF cumainn on line etc and then put it on the map. i.e Sinn Fein Sligo marked in Sligo. Bit of tweaking before its finished. must sort out if there is a way of showing the names on mouse over etc. It'll all come good in the end I hope.

So if your cumainn has a blog or your local rep etc then maybe you could post a comment with the link and the address (town, county). I will then put them into a database and load them onto the map.

So the idea is to have an easy way for people to see what republicans are blogging near their area, what cumainn are in their area etc.

It'll also mean that anybody searching for Sinn Fein on google comes across republican sites more frequently etc.

I am sure there are many other ways we could use the internet and these new collaborative programmes.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

View Republicans ONLINE in a larger map


  1. There are two SF blogs in the County Cork area to the west of Cork City. One in Ballincollig at www.ballincolligsinnfein.com and the other at www.sinnfeinmidcork.com which covers the region around Macroom.

  2. Good Idea. Maybe you could out this one on not Sf but a good Marxist blog.It is not my blog.

  3. Hi Red,

    Thanks for those links.


    Can you let me know the link you suggested. Its not in your post.
    is it specifically related to SF or Republican politics. I dont want to cover too many links on the map as it might get crowded. Ideally any links will have a specific SF or Repulican link to a specific area or town.

    A really nice google map would be of all the IRA actions from 1916 up until the ceasefires. Link those pages into a website with information on the ambushes, the volunteers, any who were killed in action their homes etc.
    That would be a great collaborative project and it would be great to think people could just whip out their mobile phone or laptop and see what actions were fought in your locality, where the volunteers were from etc.

  4. Link to 52 Sinn Fein sites online:


    I guess if anyone wants to use it on their links page then add it just as a "SF Websites & Facebook" link or something. As other websites are added to the map the link page will update automatically so it should always be up to date.

    Hopefully a handy link for Republicans online