Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting caught at the Horse Fair. Why its tough to be a Green these days.

The reputation of politics in the mind of Irish voters is low .
But I think the Greens have just managed to drag it a bit lower. The sheer naked hunger for position and sense of entitlement as displayed by former senator deBurca is striking a new low; not because there are no other politicians as venal but because Senator deBurca seems to have even lost any notion of being embarassed by such a sense of privilege. This is approaching Pee Flynn territory.
Senator deBurca and the Greens went to do a deal with Fianna Fail, the master horse traders, and all they got for their money was an old mare fit for the yard. They got caught and there is no going back. They tried to secure a job for their candidate simply because she was their candidate.  
DeBurca claimed the Greens only agreed to support Maire Geoghegan Quinn as Ireland's EU Commissioner in return for her getting a sinecure, sorry I mean job, in the Commissioner's cabinet.
Well the Greens promised:
  • A proper waste strategy for Dublin and instead we have an incinerator and several court cases;
  • They promised transport reform;
  • They promised they wouldnt breath the air on planet Bertie but instead became the famous FF mud guard;
  • They promised about Tara etc etc.
And what about the half million on the register. Are they not entitled to a job as well Deirdre. They cant horse trade their way into a fancy position though.
This seems to be a case of what goes around comes around and I have little sympathy for her.

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