Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thatcher to Blair to Brown - The failure to address inequality.

This link was received from a reader of the site. He stated ....

This document which relates how Britain has not changed that much since those dark days of Thatcher and her Neo Liberal Chicago school of Econmics. For more information on that era please refer to Naoimi Klein's excellent book: The Shock Doctrine.

Since 1997 Britain has had a Labour Party in power, but a Party that has ignored it's core policies and is unfrotuantely drifting away to the right and is now probaly more to the right that what the Tories were in 1979.

I-re call the first effect of that bitch Thatcher age about 9 when the Free Milk was cut from our school in Newcastle , Co Down and then on, her continued attack on working class people.

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