Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Donegal to finally get its chance?

The Sinn Fein Leinster house team are going to move the writ for the Donegal South West bye-election.

Back on the 8th June 2009 Pat the Cope Gallagher retired his TD position to take up a salary of just under 100k as an MEP (with pension intact mind you).

At that time 19,895 Donegal residents were unemployed (June '09). Only a year earlier it was 10,352 (March '08). Early this year it pushed through 21000 and continues to rise.

But some people are beating the recession. Jim McDaid has a job but wont turn up to it. Pat the Cope has a job and a pension, and Mary Coughlan has a job but cant do it.

This situation has to end. Donegal's unemployed have been abandoned by these three hidalgos who'd rather skim the cream than work for their constituents.

Lets hope the writ gets moved successfully, Pearse gets elected and Donegal gets a champion for its unemployed and those struggling to make ends meet.

Good facegroup to follow for any future Pearse campaign is Get Pearse elected

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  1. No by election , no surprise, no democracy here my friend