Friday, May 14, 2010

Adams calls for unity to oppose tory cuts

Well, the election across the water is over and we have a tory led government to deal with. For us in the South I believe the manner in which the party in the North deals with the cuts to come will be of massive importance. If we can point to the North and say look what we have achieved in fighting to maintain jobs and services, then come the next election down here we will have added credibility.

If however the party simply allows the cuts to happen then we will be in big trouble in terms of our claim to be a party that supports the ordinary working people of this island.

anyway, here is an article from this week's An Phoblacht

Party leaders urged by Adams to unite against cuts

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP, MLA has written to other party leaders in the North seeking a meeting to discuss an agreed strategy against any proposed cuts by the British Government.

Speaking in Stormont on Monday, Adams said: “I have today contacted the other party leaders to put to them a proposal that we should meet to work out an agreed strategy to oppose any proposed cuts from an incoming British government.

“I believe that it is imperative that all parties in the Executive act with a unity of purpose to safeguard public services, to defend frontline services in health and education, and to promote investment in our economy.”

Referring to last week’s election, Adams said that, whatever the outcome of the negotiations in London, both the Tories and Labour have indicated that there will be considerable cuts in public spending.

“These proposed cuts would have a detrimental impact on public services and jobs. They would undermine the ability of the economy here to recover from the recession. This is unacceptable. If we are to protect those most disadvantaged in our communities, if we are to promote economic growth, then the parties here must unite on a positive agenda.

“I am proposing that we unite under the tutelage of OFM/DFM to prepare to go to the next British government from this Assembly with a united opposition to the planned cuts.”


  1. And what do we do if the unionists don't support us? Do we stay at stormont and impose tory cuts?

  2. Of course. What the hell do you think SF Ministers are doing now??

    In fact, the leadership has agreed with the DUP legislation to illegalise protests by trade unions and communities. See

  3. Anon 2- as your video link shows it is at the draft stage and exemptions will exist. By all means I agree the proposals should be opposed.

  4. The Party is completely hypocritical in its implementation of policy between North and South, it's these inconsistencies which also keep left wing support from it.

    Look at the Public Assemblies Bill, and at the host of cuts being incrementally delivered by stealth in classic Fianna Fail fashion, probably learnt off in sessions of the North/South Ministerial Council!

    Adam's words are just rubbish. You can't run with the hair and hunt with the hounds, which is exactly what the leadership is doing.