Friday, June 4, 2010

Suffer the little children outside the golden circle

Today the Health Service Executive revealed that an additional 151 kids who were known to social services have died since 2000. Last week the HSE confirmed that 37 kids who were in the care of the state since 2000 also died

This has all come to the fore since the tragic death of Daniel McAnespie

The HSE have a breakdown of how these kids died. Of this additional 151 kids 62 died of natural causes and 84 died of unnatural causes.

Deaths from natural causes during the period include deaths from illnesses such as brain tumours, leukaemia, heart disease and sudden infant death syndrome.

Of the 84 unnatural deaths the breakdown for causes of death is as follows:

•21 Suicide
•10 Unlawful Killing
•14 Drug Related
•15 Road Traffic Accidents
•24 Other Accidents

The terrible tragedy in Monageer in 2007 demonstrated that part time solutions for social services wont work.

Nows there is going to be less money than ever to provide these services. But I dont think its just about money. Its as much about responsibility. The usual problem in the southern state with nobody being responsible. Sure the Dept. of Health isn't responsible its the HSE etc etc.

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Barry Andrews said he thought there might be some 'shock' at the figures in the report.

There will be shock that its kids dying but little shock that the southern state fails everyone who might rely on on it.

Barry can wonder why this state is like that.Maybe as Minister for Children he could talk to his father, former Fianna Fail TD David, or his uncle former Fianna Fail TD Niall or he could run along and have a chat with his cousin Fianna Fail TD Chris Andrew.

Or why not talk to the previous Minister for Children Brian Lenihan TD whose brother Conor is as we know a Fianna Fail TD and whose dad was a FF td and whose auntie is the formidable Fianna Fail TD Mary o'Rourke.

Some kids have every advantage in this state Barry and some kids have none.
You of all people should not be surprised by that.

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