Sunday, June 13, 2010

Suggestions on a postcard to 51 Mount Merrion Street please

Last week Fianna Fail dropped to 17% in the polls.

Last week Brian Cowen's govt. were exposed for the incompetent oafs we know them to be.

Last week the govt. shut down Leinster house rather than face the consequences of this report.

Last week the HSE hit another low point.

But thanks to Fine Gael's bumbling this week the focus is on the main party of the opposition and the Govt. is out of the spotlight. Its Kenny rather than Cowen and the HSE scandal is old hat. The banking crisis is smaller than the blueshirt crisis and the vote on Tuesday is no longer about Cowen.

If anyone has suggestions to help Fine Gael stop being so useless as to be actively aiding and abetting the Govt. can they please send it on a postcard to the FG HQ above.


  1. What exactly did he do?

  2. its brillient. FG are incompetent. how do they get out of this. love it. what ever happens there dublin country split is in the open, ha bet labour are pissing themselves, there the only winners out of this. kenny took them back from the brink, all that happened is they peeked. nothing more, brillient. how does he or bruton present themselves as credible after this. there party is subject to the wimps of opinion polls.

    wonder how gilmore is going to trip up. he's opposed every industrial action, got alot of milage out of not supporting the bank bailout but not a wimper when he supported the greek bailout which was essentialy a german bank bail out. went along with the whole lisbon good for jobs shite, in the wake of economic collapse he has no allternative dirrection to take the country, no great carisma either what kenny and cowan are getting attacked for (as if thats the biggest problem) but he comes across as self assured. another teflon taoiseach possibly? sad in away. the most important thing is this country is if a leader is compatent apparently not idea's and things like that. unless you can get the masses to realise the difference between such arguments and the importance of idea's then labels such as left or right may be meaningless.

    hmm compleate midnight ramble by anonomus

  3. Seriously FF are going to get raped next election. This Blueshirt meltdown is a good thing a mon avis. Labour will wipe the floor with them in Dublin.

  4. I never thought it would be possible to see both of the big dogs in south politics fall. But this is a big chance. Fianna Fail are despised for what they have done and the Fine Gaelers look like they couldnt make a commercial success of a brothel that served free drink.

    But here we are, or at least the first step along the way.

    The Fine Failers are on the floor and the Fianna Gaelers have a leader whom half their party support, their popular finance man is gone and a party divided.

    Reasonable opportunities here for other parties to represent the people.