Thursday, January 20, 2011

End of one chapter; beginning of another

The election is finally called. After two of the most shameful years of prevarication and confusion in the face of one the deepest crisis ever faced by this country we now have the opportunity to end this sorry state of affairs. There is a common phrase in political circles about the voters waiting in the long grass. Well this time the voters wont be waiting in the long grass they will be standing in full sight and they fully intend to give the Fianna Fail cronies and gombeens a kicking.

But just as we are hopefully about to bring to an end a sorry chapter in Irish history we must think now about the next chapter. Sinn Fein will hopefully have a stronger presence in the next Leinster house so that it can acclerate even faster the process of breaking down this failed state and building a modern state in its place.

Looking ahead we must face the prospect of a power Fine Gael with Minister Varadkar and Hayes all backed with a strong Labour party settling in for a few years of power and ministerial baubles.

What will have changed? Nothing! FG and Labour agreed with Fianna Fail so much they went in and had budget consensus talks. They failed to even question the policy of 3% deficit target until given permission by the IMF. The fully backed the FF policy of deflation and dis-investment through austerity.

The only way to change is to now make a political step-change. To build a real opposition in south Ireland. With Fine Gael and Labour in govt. and FF broken on the margins the only way to build a real oppositoin is to vote Sinn Fein. We've proven that with 5 TDs we can make a difference and put the govt. under severe pressure.

After 10 years of closed-minded autocratic rule we dont need a FG-Labour super majority.

Put 10, 15 or 20 Sinn Fein TDs in their and that will be a break from the past and a new chapter in Irish politics. Sinn Fein will provide real opposition to a too powerful FG-Labour govt.

Its time to write a new chapter in Irish history. Tá an lá ag teacht.


  1. Watching from afar it is apparent the consistent shortcomings of this struggle is deeply rooted in the leftist socialist structure of the resistance. It seems as if most only seem to offer the same stifling of personal freedom and economic developement as their British counterpart. The only key difference being an over imposing Irish government as oposed to an over imposing British government.

    The underlying seed still waiting to bare fruit is rooted in every human beings desire for individual liberty, self-reliance and their own persuit of prosperity. The promise of economic freedom and nonintrusive government allowing equality of opportunity for all is the most prominent weapon in the arsenal of any resistance and the most infrequently drawn.

    Some of the most profound words ever uttered by an American president are these; "Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today's world do not have."

    The absence or silencing of that is what has grinded the gears of American prosperity to a hault. It's the very innoculating thrust needed by the Irish people. The wealth intuition and entrepneurial spirit of the Irish people helped build the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world. Sadly their descendants fear bringing it home to their beloved island duly so, knowing it will be crushed and squandered under the pressure of an out of control taxing welfare state.

    You need only look back as far as your own history in the penal laws to realize the crushing of personal freedom and the opportunity of self-reliant prosperity was key to the controlling long lasting success of your occupier.

    Now in a similar fashion to what has been done in the US they've transcended that tyranical control for a similar control disguised as benevolance. It's dependance upon government.

    Your movement has been wallowed down in the leftist approach of socialism and even during the 70's by marxism. This alone sprouts traitors in your midst because the overwhelming concern overshadowing that of British government is even less personal liberty and economic freedom under Irish rule.

    So many people of my mothers homeland have cried the word freedom to be replied to with a promise of the same mediocrity merely provided by a different source.

    Prosperity and financial integrity in the 26 counties you control will provide the greatest seduction of the few you do not. The burden of self-reliance may seem to be one of the most imposing of humanity. Ironicly enough it is also the one most eagerly bared.

    May Irelands people find their peace and more importantly may they find their unified spirit in personal liberty.

  2. Its going to seem like a very short election campaign, with so much to say and not enough time to say it.

    Wouldn't waste any more time attacking FF or the Greens - there's already an atmosphere created in that regard. The target is obviously FG and the best conduit for making an impact there, in my opinion, is via Labour.

    Labour are vulberable to the charge that they will be putting another conservative and reactionary party into government. The polls will continue to show that FG will come out on top, so Gilmore's contention that he will be Taoiseach can be taken apart. He has also said that his objection to SF is on policy. Let him spell that out. Let him spell out the compatability with FG in the process.

    Any candidate openly rejecting clientelism will also get a fair hearing from an electorate clamoring for meaningful political reform. FG candidates, no more than those in FF are wide open on this.

    This is an election where the progressive left can let loose. It is one where an electorate who have been fed a political and economic monoculture for years can hear alternatives. Candidates from all constituencies can confidently talk about national economic and poliical issues and not have to be fixated on issues that are the better preserve of the Local authority.

    Enjoy it.

  3. The policies of progressive leftism are an abhorent failure. Why would anyone sign on for such well demonstrated failure? The progressive movement in the US as is the case everywhere is code for unincumbered socialism. An ideology that has failed in practice like communism everwhere it has been tried.

    Greece, Spain, Germany, France, and God help us coming soon the US all facing the large check for a mediocre meal with only a sure to be declined credit card for which to pay the bill.

    The groundwork had already been laid by the Irish government to plant the seed of economic freedom in it's liberating corporate tax rates, then effectively crushed under the weight of personal income taxation at a staggering rate.

    Mark my words, your nation and all others that continually mindlessly accept progressive leftism will all face the devistating effect of it's eminent failure. This does not endow me as some type of proffit. The rioting in the streets of Greece and France as well as the economic strife of Spain is all over the news. That writing on the wall could not be more prominent. And tell me what political ideology has carried them this far? Relabel it if you like but it still wreaks of socialism.

    Personal individual freedom and a thriving free market were the seedcorn of the one nation that rose above all others and did so because of it's vision of something different for and the trust in the individual. It's failures that are facing it now are only there due to the infiltration of a progressive leftist movement. And, the greed of the individuals not that can't but rather won't do what is necessary to provide their own prosperity. A trait not evident in the Irish people. At the very least none of the Irish Americans I know.

    You Sir, are selling nothing new but rather lipsticking a swine and selling it to the Irish people knowing full well it is the same shared misery provided by the menusia that has become all European government. No optimism. No shared prominence of the individual Irish citizen. Just more mediocrity provided under a different flag. A squandering of the 26 counties purchased in the blood of Irish patriots in hopes you show yourself equal to the six you plead for. This as opposed to seducing them with individualism, freedom, and fluent wealth of the citizenry all should aspire to.

    No wonder there is an inability to win hearts and minds when your key selling point is "Hey we can make you just as miserable over here as they have over there."