Sunday, January 23, 2011

Enda Kenny reappears but still makes a fool of himself

At a time of unprecedented politcal turmoil there is one political constant - Fine Gael. Steady as she goes, careful now, take it easy and dont change anything Fine Gael. In the current environment people believe that Fianna Fail are the architects of our misery. They are not however the sole designers of this deeply flawed state. Fine Gael has more than enthusiastically played its role in creating a state incapable of functioning or providing needed services to the Irish people, and more seriously it has failed to defend the interests of all of the people of Ireland against oppresion. To then find Mr. Enda Kenny, the man hiding god knows where, popping up at an Alliance party conference to give lectures to Sinn Fein is deeply frustrating.

And for wiser, more modern, FGers they must be deeply confused. Why is Fine Gael playing to its backwoods men - incidentally from the same genus as your typical Fianna Fail backwoods men a la FF TD Thomas Byrne commenting about Gerry Adams coming down to our country - why is FG making a fool of itself by talking about Sinn Fein when only half a cabinet is "running" the counry.

And for anyone who might doubt FG makes a fool of itself on this issue then watch the following. When the audience of the Late Late are laughing at you not with you then you should be twigging something is up:

Responding to those comments by Enda Kenny at the Alliance Party conference Mary Lou said:

“The fact is that Sinn Féin has no desire whatsoever to go into Government with Fine Gael. That party signed up to the ‘consensus for cuts’. They would further cut social welfare and would fire thousands of public sector workers.

“The simple facts are that Enda Kenny and Fine Gael have nothing to offer that is different to Fianna Fáil.

“Unlike Fine Gael Sinn Féin offers a clear alternative to the failed policies of the current government.

“Sinn Féin’s economic proposals would grow the economy – Fine Gael’s proposals would depress the economy and drive it further into recession.

“While Fine Gael supported the Lisbon treaty and previous treaties which have undermined Irish sovereignty Sinn Féin pointed out the implications of these treaties.We now see that Sinn Féin was right and Fine Gael was wrong.

“We won’t be taking any lectures from Enda Kenny on these issues.”

Amen to that.


  1. I can see only 3 possible reasons for FG to still be attacking SF:

    (1) Its in the genes. Sinn Fein represents a threat to the flawed state they love; or

    (2)It assists Labour's narrative for Sinn Fein to be pushed to the margins and Fine Gael knows it has little to fear from labour and would rather have a jobber Labour TD in Leinster house than a Sinn Fein TD who wants to upset the apple tart (as it was once put); or

    (3) a mix between the above

  2. I doubt if SF will worry too much about what Enda has to say. Seriously, he was terrible. How often does the audience applaud the presenter?


  3. I agree with the gist of that Giorra. A plague of FG as well. I would say though that if an SF voter or supporter has to pick a candidate for a 2nd pref, then it should be FG every time over FF. FG are always going to be there, "D4 hasn't gone away you know". FF is the only real threat to Republicanism, FG, the Brits the DUP are all second fiddle at this moment. If FF survive, then SF does not become a leading party in the country. They neuter Nationalist sentiment in the 26, and corral it in. Ranelagh will always be a FG type area. Their are many working and middle class areas that are FF, but they should be SF. Hold your noses and vote for the blue cheese down the line, if it puts a FF'er out, they are going to be hammered in the 2nd next election. There needs to be only one prominent opposition party to benefit, that needs to be sf.