Sunday, September 5, 2010

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna announce ceasfire

Responding to a call made last Friday by the Basque political parties Batasuna and Eusko Alkartasuna, ETA has announced a new initiative to resolve the conflict in Euskal Herria. 

In a statement spokespersons for ETA confirmed "its commitment to finding a democratic solution to the conflict". 

"In its commitment to a democratic process to decide freely and democratically our future, through dialogue and negotiations, Eta is prepared today as yesterday to agree to the minimum democratic conditions necessary to put in motion a democratic process, if the Spanish government is willing,"

"We call on all Basque citizens to continue in the struggle, each in their own field, with whatever degree of commitment they have, so that we can all cast down the wall of denial and make irreversible moves forward on the road to freedom."

Commenting on the Basque Ceasefire events Gerry said 'This is a significant statement and has the potential to bring about a permanent end to the long-running conflict in the Basque country. Its now vital that the Spanish government respond positively and grasp the opportunity'.

There is a regrettable mindset in Spanish political circles which believes that the more people they imprison or the more activists like Jon Anza who disappear only to reappear after many months in a morgue then the more progress is made in resolving the conflict.

They are wrong. The only way forward is inclusive political negotiations. Lets hope they take that step. 


  1. You may be interested in this article
    on the similarities and differences between Risih republicanism and Basque separatism.

  2. Thanks for that John. An interesting article. One other long lasting link I am aware of is the Easter commemmoration of Basque identity, the Aberri Eguna, is supposedly inspired by our rising.