Saturday, September 11, 2010


This article was taken from Mary Lou McDonald's Blog. A blog which is always well worth a read.

There is an alternative to this rotten government

Each year Sinn Féin presents to government the party’s pre-Budget submission. As Ireland’s fortunes have changed significantly over the last two years December’s budget has become an important day of the year, particularly for the least well off in our society as they face cuts in critical supports and services and the double whammy of an increase in inequitable stealth taxes.

Fianna Fáil and the Progressive Democrats’ right wing agenda coupled with their fiscal recklessness during Ireland’s boom years hardened the collapse of our economy. The Green’s have compounded the states public finance deficit and double-digit unemployment figures by signing off on Fianna Fáil’s golden circle policy approach. Or maybe they have just found their political home in a Fianna Fáil led government!

Fianna Fáil was so beholden to those within it golden circle it decided to nationalise the worst bank in the history of the state. Anglo Irish Bank has cost the Irish people 22 billion euro to date with rating agency Standard Poor’s recently estimating that the total cost of bailing out the bank will rise to 35 billion euro.

But it is not enough for those of us in political opposition to bemoan the horrific failings of this government; we need to present our political and fiscal alternatives to the people. And that is what we in Sinn Fein have done each year with a particular focus on job creation since the collapse of the economy in 2008. We are currently working on our Budget 2011 submission, which will be published and submitted to government in advance of budget day on December 7th.

Click on the below links to download Sinn Féin Job Creation strategy document and our 2010 Budget submission to government. In these document’s you will find sensible viable alternatives to the government’s budget decisions including a range of tax revenue measures and proposals to address wasteful spending of public monies.


  1. The problem is not our economic policies. Our problem is that we have failed to get our message out to the general public. How are you going to deal with that one Mary Lou?

  2. the problem was our economic policies. We didnt have enough of them in depth on wide enough a range of issues. Now we do and in depth and critically not only do we have the solid policies on one side we are also a party that is out on the streets campaigning. nobody else is mixing developing detailed real life policies and grass roots work. Loads doing one or the other.

    Not sure what you want to be done about the media issue Anon. Whats your suggeston to overcome the problem

  3. Anon from 4:44

    easy to say what about this and what about that.

    But what do you suggest. There aint magic fixes. Seem like the SF agenda is getting more and more into the media and geting some tracktion with people so looks like things are being done.

    you sem to be asking for magick and that aint fair

  4. why isn't SF argueing to leave the euro and devalue.

    its going to have to happen. basic leaving cert economics. mcwilliams is right.

    the reason the 26 county state hasn't done it yet is because most of the elite have an ideological concept to europe. like another ideolody that crashed two years ago it doesn't add up.

    SF need to say it.

  5. dont see leaving the euro being an option. How would we get the capital flow controls in place to stop money leaving before the announcement of a new currecny? How would Irish businesses manage their contracts in a new currency overnight? Why would the ECB give us money if we were leaving the currency.

    We are stuck with the Euro I am afraid a chara

  6. doesn't have to be over night. as long as its fixed to the euro for a set period we could have a deul currency situation for a few weeks/months.

    ECB charity is coming at a price. plans for europe wide taxes on corporation tax are there now, when they come to the table they'll have the 26 county government over a barrel when it comes to useing there veto. thats not a good situation to be in.

    money is leaving the country now.

    devalueing is an exceptable economic tool to use. obviously there are consequences but would give more room to manover.