Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An unbroken chain - The escape of Vol. Tom Malone from Spike in 1921

At age 8 Tom Malone from Westmeath stood on a land league platform with Davitt. His mother was dismissed  from her school job for teaching Irish. He was out in 1916, and went on to become a key Volunteer in the Tan war and throughout the 30s. In 1921 Vol. Tom Malone and two comrades audaciously escaped from Spike Island, becoming the first to do so.

As we approach the 27th anniversary of the Great Escape planned by Volunteers in the north of our country it is fitting to consider 3 volunteers in the south of our country who performed an equally daring escape.

An unbroken chain, an unbroken tradition, linking many generations in one continous struggle.

The story of Tom Malone
Video Part 1 
Video Part 2:

Video Part3:

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