Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 12 and Day 13 of Jim Wyse's hunger strike diary

Day 12

Green Isle Hunger Strike Diary – Day Twelve


We managed to keep a lot warmer last night. I won’t say how we compensated for the cold.
It was bitterly cold last night outside. The temperature was minus five degrees when I went out to warm the car engine this morning.

We slept well, although there is always the odd truck arriving at the plant in the night and then there’s a shift change about 6am.

Despite the good night’s sleep I woke up no more refreshed than I went to bed. It’s not so much that I need to force myself to get up as I feel the need for more sleep during the day.

We went down to meet Green Isle management at 3pm but they are keeping us waiting again. It’s par for the course. They’ve had since 3am on Friday, all weekend and all this morning to consider the proposals.

Common decency and good manners would dictate you don’t leave the other side waiting around like this.

Is it arrogance or something worse? I don’t know.

It is encouraging to hear about all the support coming in. We need all the help we can get. I see the Northern Foods share price is continuing to slide so the bad publicity can’t be doing them any good.


Day 13

Green Isle Hunger Strike Diary – Day Thirteen

It was a good day today. The mini-depression I’ve had since Saturday has gone. I feel very good mentally as well as physically. I feel as well as I did when I started, although I don’t have the same energy.

I saw the Doctor for my weekly medical check up earlier. It was very good, very reassuring. Everything is 100 per cent and the Doctor said I should be good for another week.

The bad news is that the high cholesterol hasn’t gone down. The doctor said there was no reason that it should just because I am on hunger strike.

He is very interested in how I am getting. He hasn’t had a hunger striker before. I’m his guinea pig. He’ll be able to talk about me for years.

There is no downward trend in John Guinan at all. We slept well last night in the caravan. I woke up the odd time with passing trucks for a few minutes but you would do that at home.

I think I’ll skip the start of the talks today. They kept us waiting a couple of hours yesterday. It’s only done to wear us down. I’ll wait this evening until there is something to discuss.

There have been a lot more callers today. It was very busy, strangers a lot of them coming to offer their support. One was from Mandate and there were people up from Offaly . One of my brothers calls twice a day. Once on his way to work and once on the way home to see how I am. He is just pulling up now.

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