Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Latest Sinn Féin video


  1. i know this is petty as iam typeing it but when i listen to the video, grand, when i watch it, its men in suits and women in bright jackets etc telling me about me. image is important, but you look the same as everyone else and that sticks in my mind on some level watching it. 'proffessionals fucked up the planet' looking professional doesn't have the same conontation it did a few years ago.

    probably not what youse want to talk about on this site but think its importent enough to say it.

  2. I agree with you anon. i wish we would move away from this type of presentation of our ideas. I'd like to see more meat and more ordinary clothes.

    Who says you have to wear a shirt and tie to be taken seriously.

  3. guess it depends on where we are coming from. We are battling a pereption that we are not a professional serious party. From that point of view then the suits are not so bad an idea but indeed its a fine line lest we look just like the rest of them. But the thing is people have an idea in the south that you cant vote SF because we wouldnt even be capable of running things. So if lots of suits help us to counter that perception by showing that we a serious player then okay.

    But you are right that at the end of the day a suit dont mean much and we dont want to end up looking llike the rest too much