Monday, March 1, 2010

Is it raining Minister Hanafin?

So about 400 folks from farming families are holding a protest outside the Department of Social and Family Affairs in Dublin at the removal of pensions from wives of farmers.

The pension for farm women was given last year, but taken away this year. The logic being apparently sure there only women anyhow and they dont deserve anything arent their husbands farming. So much for independent financial existence for these women.

The IFA have come out and criticised Minister Mary Hanafin for not meeting them. Also a few more people are camped inside the dept. and holding their ground until they get a meeting. Hanafin should climb down form her ivory tower and start talking.

What advice might she say to them?

Probably tell them how the pension age is going up and we'll all have to tough it out.

Alternatively she could suggest that they all become Michael Woods. Remember how he was the sole beneficiary of a change in the law about ministerial pensions. Sole beneficiary to the tune of about 75k.

Or maybe she could point them in the direction of Bertie Aherne or Rory o'Hanlon who scooped 98k and 82k respectively last year.

What ever Mary Hanafin says to those protesting about the loss of granted pensions they would do well those sums in mind. While pension reform is something that must be faced the protestors should remember that Mary Hanafin's pension will beat anything they'll ever see and as long as this govt. is in power they'll keep it that way. Reform is for the little people.

Clint Eastwood once commented in The Outlaw Josey Wales " There's another saying, Senator: Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining. "

Those protesting in the Dept. would do well to bear it in mind when the Minister meets them, as she eventually must.

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  1. Nice to see that 250 odd old women have got some justice. The govt. caved today and stopped its targetting of these women.