Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Housing Campaigns

The construction of housing was one sector where the Govt. caused much wastage and squandered so much investment. Dont mind those people who say we the people got carried away with ourselves. Its the responsibility of the Govt. to manage the economy or not to. They choose not to.

Now its time to clean up the mess and try to salvage what we can. As we noted previously there is significant housing over supply in most Irish counties. Whats going to be done with all this housing? Is it going to be left rot or can something be done to put that housing stock to work on behalf of society. After all through NAMA we'll end up paying for most of that housing again (didnt we already pay for it once through the state's over generous subvention of developers via tax breaks)

Cork Sinn Féin has launched a Cork Housing Campaign. Its a major new policy document titled 'Lets End The Wait' and was presented to the media by the party's five Councillors, Jonathan O'Brien, Fiona Kerins, Henry Cremin, Thomas Gould & Chris O'Leary, at Cork City Hall.

There are now more than 8,000 families on the housing waiting list in Cork. Thats an increase of more than 1,000 in just two months.

The campaign will focus on several core issues:

•A charter for social tenants
•Help for those facing negative equity
•Clearing the waiting list
•Reforming the housing list
•Providing genuinely affordable housing
•Improving housing maintenance
•A new deal for private tenants

There'll be a series of meetings across Cork to discuss the policy with local communites in Cork. The first public meeting takes place in Togher Community Centre on September 16th at 7.30pm.

NAMA is about managing the decline in value of properties. But a property with no one likely to live in it has no value. These houses represent sources of capital but if nobody lives in them they are worthless.

Its time to put all this otherwise wasted capital to productive use.


  1. reading between the lines here, are you suggesting that people squat in these empty properties. if so fair play. surpised no one has done it already.

    maybe look at the dublin houseing action committee in the 1960's. it was broad based but with republican involvement. they may have sucesses to emulate or failures to avoid.

    people are waiting for some sort of revolution but no one is shakeing the tree. this is shakeing the tree. maith sibh.

  2. cant see sqatting being a long term answer. Think its better to put in place better protection for tenants, refomrs etc. sound like they got the good measre in ther proposals

  3. we have campains like this one in the basque country for years now, we usually try to get a list of the empty houses, make that number public, is quite visula to have posters around a city with 10.000 empty houses.
    campings ask for those houses to be put on the market at an aforable price