Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Voices on Unity - Different Perspectives

Ogra are running a very interesting series of interviews and videos called Voices on Unity. It includes responses from varied political figures - Unionist and others to investigate their perspectives on national unity.

Some of the responses are exactly what you'd expect - a harumph and a kick up the backside to the fenian who asked it but others actually take the time to write a response, and rational ones at that.

Worth a look.

East Derry UUP MLA David McClarty takes the time to write a courteous response.

Cllr John Smyth of Antrim DUP would rather not have you as a neighbour.

Cllr. Andrew Lewis of the Lisburn DUP actually seems reasonable and approachable.

Ruairi McGinley Fine Gael Dublin councillor - The Obama of Ireland?

DUP's Adrian Watson is, shall we say, not receptive to even the friendliest approaches.

Samuel Cole of the DUP writes a friendly if some what out there rebuttal of the "Pope's green island" approach and touches briefly on the refusal of Vikings to speak Irish and how the Newry shopping run is the equivalent of economics migrants crossing the Rio Grande.

Finally there are some youtube interviews on Irish unity.

All in all some interesting material on show.

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