Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Working Class housing in 20th Century Ireland


The housing conditions of the 20th Century Irish working class were frequently abysmal.
Famously Dublin was a city of Georgian splendour with infamous slums tenaments.
Tracking the history of Irish labour, the conditions under which they lived and worked and tracking the history of class and class relationships in Ireland is the focus of the IrishLabour.com website.
The below is an enjoyable post taken from Irishlabour.com and is posted to highlight a site that may be of interest to readers who would like to explore the history of Irish Labour. There is a wide range of posts on Irish involvement in the Spanish civil war, the unemployment protests of the 1950s or the tax protests in the late 70s.
Fascinating website and an enjoyable read:

Below is an article by Ruth McManus. It’s from 2003 and was first published in International Labor and Working-Class History.

The title is ‘Blue Collars, “Red Forts” and Green Fields: Working Class Housing in Ireland in the Twentieth Century.’

Her book, Dublin 1910-1940: Shaping the City and Suburbs (Four Courts Press, 2002) is in the public library system, and is available for purchase from Four Courts here.

She says on her website that the article is available for free from the Cambridge Journals website, but it’s a dead link.
However, I’m going to assume that it’s ok to reproduce the article online for research purposes, so here it is below.
Have a read. It’s excellent
[PDF of McManus' article is here.]

* [Photo from 'Darkest Dublin' collection, RSAI]

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