Thursday, August 5, 2010

Visualising the Failures of the Govt's Construction policy

Economist Ronan Lyons has put together a nice picture which shows how directionless the Irish construction industry was, how purposeless so much of the economic activity of the Celtic Tiger and clueless the Irish Govt. So clueless that some counties already have 12 years of housing supply already in place while others have under a year.

Western Irish Counties like Donegal and Kerry are particularly over supplied. As Martin Ferris noted in his report on the future of Farming and Fishing in Western Ireland the over reliance on construction encouraged by the Govt. at the cost of other types of investment would result in increased emigration as that industry collapsed. Unfortunately there was no alternative in place to prevent renewed rural emigration.

Ronan's picture is here. How many year's supply of housing is there already built in your south Ireland county?

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  1. link is broken :-)

  2. Zee link to zee picture doez not vork, comrade

  3. There's 15 so-called ghost estates in Laois. One (called Fruithill Manor) recently covered in the local papers contains 40 houses, but 700 were proposed for that estate, which is really in the middle of no-where, with few services, in an area called Graiguecullen on the Laois-Carlow border. Now it lies empty behind padlocked gates.

    Link to the recent article:

  4. i don't think we as republicans should be promoting the piece of the country shown in the link above as Ireland.RonanL has a very informative site which is well worth a visit. However could we just mention it without putting up what I and many others consider to be a most offensive map.There are 32 counties in my country.

  5. thats a fair point rebel. I too have always disliked those unnatural maps which blank out the 6 counties as if it was sea only north of the border.

    but it was the only map with that data and i couldnt find a similar all-Ireland map so ended up using the above.

    there are actually very few reports out there that give all-ireland data. Which is a big pity because if there was more all-ireland data then it would be easier and easier to demonstrate how insane the current duplication is across one nation.